Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So we had our experience of 1st install fest at WBUT on last saturday(25th Aug 2007).
Organised by wbut-lug ,and supported by ( went there as members).
We ( i along with Ajitesh Chaudhury, Arindam ghosh,and Swagnik chatterjee) went from durgapur boarding the morning bus.
The install fest started about 1 hour late (scheduled at 12:00 PM)because this is the the first time and few preparition like 64bit fedora 7 dvd and boot cds took time.
Anyways the respones was good and most of all students were patient and bearing the delay.The student was mix of biotechs (Mtech)and IT/CSE .(Mostly 2nd year).Inspite of rain,student brought their own there was a mix of owned machine and WBUT machines.
We started with a little inauguration speech by indra da(Indranil Das Gupta).
Then after volunteer introduction, install fest started.Few Notes and howto's were also distributed.Susmit Shannigrahi ( a HITK/WBUTand a fedora ambassador) pass out of this year took the pain and lead .He created a local fedora mirror and also conducted the install fest.
Among student owned machine one acer aspire and a assembled box gave trouble...after rigorous attempt we had fedora up and running on those machines though assembled box gave way.
We also had a non visible cursor machine powered by a microsoft mouse .Though Soumyadip Da (Soumyadip Modok ) just solved in few minutes.
We also had Debarshi Roy who came up with few stickers to distribute.
The install fest went around till 9:30 PM ..and crowd was with us.
Check out the photos here
See more details here

[p.s : We had uttapam ordered for lunch and samosas for the evening.....after everything finished ..we went to wbut library to finish our bijra left overs..though we slept actually :P]

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