Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Day with fedora

As per schedule ,we organised our " A Day with fedora " .
Its was 10 a.m and it started raining heavily.
We had Debarshi Ray as our guest speaker
and we had :-
Frequent power failure.
A Projecture that has its own mind and shuts down every 15 min.

As our schedule were mainly to show some good stuffs..we felt little shaky at the start. But somehow managed to have a start .

Ajitesh gave a introduction speech about GNU/Linux
Debarshi 's speech about google summer of code created a huge interest among the audience.
( btw we got a good response from 1st year, 2nd year and my 3rd year CSE and IT friends.)
( Also we had few student and faculties from NSHM)
Then kushal 's spoke about fedora.
And i showed them how to configure bluetooth using bluez.( luckily i had my snaps).[that just to create and maintain their interest for a little longer....this session was interactive as we really had volunteers among audiences ]

Then , Kushal and Ajitesh played Open Arena and Xmoto which again created a lot of interests.

Though things were going right..still we didnt get that pace that we expected primarily due to absence of a good projector.

All things we showed them were on our laptops.

Debarshi then gave a hands on( on one of our laptops) on GCC..

Second half we couldn't decide what to do....primarily due to two reason.

1) BCREC administration has wonderful habbit of granting and then refusing.( They granted us the permission of using the seminar hall from 10am to 5 pm , but asked us to leave at 1:20 pm because they are going to organize a seminar on " IT as career " for .............. i dont know who the target audience was??? ")

2) malfuntioning dias and no board.

Then our humanities department offered us their softskill lab were we carried on with our further programme with only 32 interested student..who were with us till the end.( coz its a32 seater hall).
Here we introduced our bijra high school project
showed them difference between python and C and advantages of python and little bit pyQt.

And ended our programme..

The end of the day was a mixed feeling.

Bad because of the behaviour of BCREC authorities and no support from them.

Good because we atleast created some interest some students and teachers who listened to us and supported us till the end.

[We even hacked our college alumni site to show them the crap they had created.]