Sunday, August 12, 2007

Get blue using GNU/Linux

Today we all use bluetooth enabled phones ,here is how you will connect it from GNU/Linux.
A Bluetooth utility is available called Bluez. In order to install Bluez do the following :-
Download the following packages from here.

* bluez-libs-3.14.tar.gz ..
* bluez-utils-3.14.tar.gz ..
* bluez-firmware-1.2.tar.gz ..
* bluez-hcidump-1.40.tar.gz ..
* bluez-gnome-0.13.tar.gz ...

In order to install them run the following commands.
Open a terminal switch to super user by using the command

$ su -

Now as super user or root, use the following commands

The above packages are zipped and archived so run
$ gunzip package name.tar.gz

to unzip them.

Now un tar/un archive them by using the command

# tar xvf package name.tar

Now change to the new directory created

# cd package name

Within the directory execute the following commands.

# ./configure

# make

#make install

[If your using fedora 7 and have an active internet connection then do a

#yum install bluez*

to download and install all packages at once]..

Once installtion complete in the command line type

$ bluetooth-applet [ if you are using gnome ]....

Now right click on the applet ----> preference --- >Visible and connectable to other device.

Now if need is to make a transfer from phone to computer ...
open bluetooth file sharing and send it from your phone.

And if the need is from computer to phone ..... then just right on music file ar picture file or the application you want to send will get a menu consisting of "send as" and" send to "option select Bluetooth OBEX file transfer and send .